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ATS® Sister Collective
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The ATS® Sisters Collective is a project involving five experienced ATS® dancers and teachers based in four different European countries. All of them are FatChanceBellyDance® Sister Studios with their own ATS® troupes:

- Isabel De Lorenzo and Silvia Grassi are Carovana Tribale in Italy

- Gudrun Herold directs Devadasi Caravan in Germany/France

- Ilhaam is based in Spain and collaborates with many dancers in her Ilhaam Trib

- Philippa Moirai directs Moirai Tribal Belly Dance troupe, in the United Kingdom, and is a Tribal Pura International Sister Studio Continuing Education instructor.

Five different mother tongues (Portuguese, Spanish, Italian, English, German) united by one common language: American Tribal Style® Belly Dance. 


We are happy to welcome Philippa Moirai, Isabel de Lorenzo and Gudrun herold for teaching and performing!! 

Piny is a full hearted dancer. Born in 1981 in Lisbon.
She started dancing Belly Dance and Salsa in 2000 and after two years she discovered Hip Hop culture and felt totally in love. For some years she immersed into Hip Hop and left in pause the first dance styles she tried.

During these years she finished her degree in Architecture.
She felt in love with Tribal Fusion Belly Dance in 2005, after seeing a dance class in NY and from that moment on, she kept studying and traveling for workshops. 

In 2012 she finished her degree in Contemporary Dance, where she studied ballet, modern dance, contemporary dance, acting, music and others.

That same year she founded the Dance Company Orchidaceae. The aim was use all vocabularies in one project; the urban dances, the Contemporary Dance and the Tribal Fusion Belly Dance. 

With other dancers from Lisbon she is one of the organizers of TribaLx, Lisbon International Tribal Fusion Festival and with her company she organizes an intensive dance training ODI | Orchidaceae Dance Intensive, both events happen once a year. 

She always continues to learn, to take classes, to look for more, trying to find the balance between studying, teaching, choreographing and dancing for Contemporary Dance projects, Hip Hop and Tribal Fusion Belly Dance. 

As many of us, Mat Jacob first fell in love with Tribal Fusion Belly Dance when she first saw RACHEL BRICE move. A whole new universe opened up for her then.

Since that very moment, Mat has with much passion and dedication followed Miss Brice along with other muses she discovered on the way. She had the privilege to study with some of the most influential artists, in her opinion, of the tribal fusion belly dance world: MIRA BETZ, ZOE JAKES, MARDI LOVE, AMY SIGIL, ILLAN RIVIERE, ARIELLAH, KAMI LIDDLE, HEATHER STANTS and last but not least, her recent important
discovery, PINY and ORCHIDACEAE TRIBAL. All of them make her heart beat with inspiration. 

Mat is honored to have been a part of Rachel Brice’s project DATURA and is a guest dancer of Kami Liddle’s dance company GOLDSTAR. 

Mat was the first level 3 certified from Rachel Brice’s 8 Elements program in the world and is certified to teach level 3 UNMATA style ITS. 

She thinks DJEYNEE and YUKO should be in this bio cause she certainly wouldn’t be the same without them. 

She thinks her STUDENTS should also all be in this bio because they are just as IMPORTANT as her teachers. 

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